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报告主题:An effective and robust genetic algorithm and exact algorithms for passenger-goods shared transport in urban rail networks

报告人:储诚斌 教授

主持人:郑斐峰 教授


In this talk, we consider freight transport in urban areas using passenger rail networks as an environment-friendly alternative to current predominantly fossil-fueled trucks. We focus on designing an effective and robust method based on genetic algorithm. The problem is mathematically formulated into a mixed-integer linear program. We prove that as long as a parcel-to-train assignment is known, it takes a polynomial time to check whether this assignment can lead to a feasible solution and, if yes, solve the remaining problem by transforming it into computing the longest distances in a digraph. This result makes it possible to only consider parcel-to-train assignment variables in chromosomes, while efficiently determining the values of the other variables in fitness evaluation. In order to achieve robustness regarding all instances, the control parameters of the genetic algorithm are set with Taguchi method. Computational results show that the method developed in this way is very effective. For small-size instances, it yields optimal solutions within considerably shorter computation times than a commonplace optimization solver does. For large-size instances, it outperforms such a solver, not only providing much higher-quality solutions but also consuming much shorter computation times. This method thus meets very well operational requirements where high-quality solutions are expected while computation time is very limited. We also show that the problem as well as the pricing problem in the branch-and-price framework can be solved with Benders decomposition where the slave problem can be exactly solved with Bellman-Ford method.


储诚斌教授现为法国艾菲尔大学、福州大学教授。他于1985年毕业于合肥工业学电气工程系工业自动化专业, 1990年以优异成绩获得梅斯大学博士学位。此后,他继续在法国国家信息及自动化研究院工作。1992年被聘为该院终身研究员。他于1995年取得独立指导博士生资格。1996年入盟特鲁瓦工业大学并负责创建和领导工业系统优化实验室。20082017年在巴黎中央理工大学(Ecole Centrale Paris,现巴黎-萨克雷大学中央理工-高等电力学院,CentraleSupélec Université Paris-Saclay, 主持由家乐福﹑达能﹑路易威登、赛峰、标致雪铁龙集团等跨国公司赞助的供应链管理讲席职位。研究领域集中在生产和物流系统的优化,包括采购管理、可靠性分析与配置、系统维护策略优化、交通运输、切材等方面。迄今为止,他已发表专著3部,200多篇文章被国际期刊发表或接收。其中2篇文章荣获相关期刊的最佳论文奖,3篇论文在国际学术会议获奖。他承担过20多项由欧盟、法国中央和地方政府或企业资助的研究项目,总经费近1000万欧元。他的研究成果在数十家各种规:筒煌幸档钠笠档玫接τ。20062011年,担任西安交通大学海外讲座教授﹑工业工程系海外系主任。20112018年任同济大学讲座教授﹑讲座研究员。